Sep 262012

Some people say, “How can you post on silly stuff like liquid nitrogen and ping-pong balls when we’re facing global economic collapse and the prospect of concentration camps if Obama is re-elected?!?” (#WAKEUP #ROMEISBURNING, and all that.)

I say, “Why work yourself up about silly stuff like the politics and the election when there’s awesome videos involving liquid nitrogen and ping-pong balls to watch on the internet?!?”

Wasn’t that so much better than watching some ridiculously infuriating interview with Mittens or Obummer?

Update: The video was removed by the user for some reason, but I just found this version.

  • DougFromOz

    There are more than enough sites on the net as it is where all people do is bitch and moan and discuss negative subjects. Yes, the negative subjects may be important ones, but having a good laugh and/or seeing something entertaining is VERY important! BTW, Diana, you have some great links. I loved the sex in the bathtub one.

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