Best Apology Ever

 Posted by on 5 September 2012 at 2:00 pm  Forgiveness, Funny, Sports
Sep 052012

From 22 Words:

During the Olympics, Australian TV personality Sam Newman caused a bit of a stir by saying that taekwondo is the most ridiculous thing he’s ever seen.

So, to follow up, a face-off was set up between him and a couple of Australian Olympians in that event. Even in the moments just before the fight, Newman called taekwondo “a lot of dancing.”

And then he absolutely gets his ass handed to him — exactly as you’d expect. And it is wonderful…

I know some people who owe me big, fat apologies. After watching this video, I’ll always imagine them offering those apologies while doubled over in pain after being humiliated in front of millions on television. That would be so gratifying.

  • Sarah Connor

    When are you going to publicly apologize to Chris Sciabarra for your unprovoked, stupid, logorrheic personal attack on him?

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