A Delightful Latin Phrase

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Jan 102005

Since it looks like I’ll be doing a fair amount of medieval philosophy in the course of my approaching dissertation work on virtue ethics, I started learning Latin over the Christmas break. (Please, don’t ask about the particulars of my dissertation topic. I have no answers at present! I’m still mired in coursework!) I’m not much of a fan of language classes, so I’m just working through Wheelock’s Latin et al on my own. The work is a lovely change of pace. I’m only on Chapter 2, but I’ve already been delighted to translate this phrase into Latin:

Without philosophy, we often go astray and pay the penalty.
Sine philosophia saepe errëmus et poenäs damus.

(HTML doesn’t do macrons, so you get umlauts instead.)

Really, who doesn’t need to know how to say that gem… in Latin?!?

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