Rape Fantasies

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May 262002

Glenn Reynolds might be trying to attract as many “teen sex” hits as he can lately, but I’ve already inadvertently cornered the non-porn market on “rape fantasy” hits. I’m number 15 on Google’s search for rape fantasy, thanks to a 1998 post to the randian-feminism list. Now that I’ve mentioned it on my blog too, I’m sure I’ll get even more traffic!

The numbers of queries involving rape and fantasy are pretty amazing in comparison to the numbers for everything else. See for yourself:

May 1st to May 26th: Listing the top 30 queries by the number of requests, sorted by the number of requests.

#reqs: search term
-----: -----------
123: rape fantasy
23: fantasy rape
20: ihealer
19: rape fantasies
18: marx species being
14: mila 18
12: species being marx
11: diana hsieh
8: plea bargaining
7: naked bosnian girls pictures
7: aristotle's doctrine of the mean
6: equity feminism
5: abaaya
5: nathaniel branden
5: criticisms of foucault
5: kant against aristotle happiness
4: ascetic ideal
4: women rape fantasy
4: habermas foucault
4: kant and copernicus
4: genealogical history of morality
4: why kids lie
4: nietzsche ascetic ideal
4: fingarette heavy drinking disease
3: women rape fantasies
3: prudent predator habit
3: altruism in animals
3: marx and species being
3: nietzsche criticism
3: essays on masculinity
1018: [not listed: 890 search terms]

Oh, and that naked bosnian girls pictures is just a fluke — an odd assortment of keywords on Google’s current cache of my main blog page. I swear.

On a more serious note, I wonder how many of those who are searching for phrases like criticisms of foucault, aristotle’s doctrine of the mean, and marx species being are actually students looking to plagiarize a paper. For those who are, may you live a short and miserable life!

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