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Aug 292012

As I’ve mentioned on my Wednesday Radio Shows, I can offer my readers and listeners a special offer from Audible.com for a free 30-day trial subscription. (The standard offer is half that.) I’m unwilling to advertise products that I don’t use or don’t like, but happily, I love Audible! I’ve been a subscriber since 2005. With my super-fancy “Platinum Annual Membership,” I receive 24 books per year for just under $10 per book.

I listen to audiobooks in my car, as well as while cooking, cleaning, riding, and gardening. I much prefer to listen to fiction than to read it, because a good reader adds a rich layer of color to the text. Here are the audiobooks that I’ve read lately:

Since I’m an affiliate of Audible, by using any of these links (except the direct links to the audiobooks in the list above) to purchase a subscription, you support my work without costing yourself an extra cent. It’s a win-win… and I love those!

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