Apology on Southwest

 Posted by on 20 August 2012 at 2:00 pm  Benevolence, Ethics, Forgiveness, Funny, Honesty
Aug 202012

Busted Kid Apologizes To Plane For Cutting In Line:

“As a high school lacrosse team was waiting to board a flight to a Summer tournament, one athlete took it upon himself to sneak into the pre-board group for “young passengers”. He thought he had beaten the system, but his coaches saw the whole thing go down. One hastily written speech and a nice bit of cooperation from the crew of Southwest Airlines Flight 592 later, this video was born.”

I abhor forced apologies for kids: they just teach dishonest obedience. But this case is pure awesome! The young man is clearly old enough to take his lumps for his silly stunt, and the applause from the passengers is pure benevolence.

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