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Nov 022004

I just got 10 out of 20 right on the The John Kerry/Michael Moore/Osama Bin Laden Quiz. Like the Al Gore/Unabomber Quiz, it requires you to identify the source of various quotes. As for Osama’s use of Moore’s material in his latest speech, I second the comments of Megan McArdle:

Should we be bothered because Osama seems to have gotten a helping hand with his propaganda from Michael Moore?

Documentary makers, like journalists, are a vital part of a free society’s feedback mechanism. Should journalists or filmmakers refrain from criticising the administration because the country’s enemies might pick up on it for propaganda purposes? Hell no.

The problem is that Michael Moore has provided Osama with propaganda composed of gross exaggeration, artful misdirection and cheap shots. A healthy society allows for that, as the price of our liberal principles. But just because we don’t want to ban it doesn’t mean that we should laud it. Michael Moore made a movie that’s fundamentally dishonest in order to score political points, and in doing so, he has helped the cause of his country’s enemies. We know that he isn’t ashamed; he has no shame. But his fellow citizens should be outraged.

Shame, shame, shame on that dishonest boob Michael Moore.

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