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May 252002

John Hawkins (of Right Wing News) has a good interview with Wendy McElroy (of iFeminists) covering the basics of her views.

One of the ideas that Wendy espouses in the interview is that “a prospective father who asks the woman to abort … should not be held responsible for child support payments if she refuses.” I’ve long advocated this view, as I do not think that men ought to be slaves to the accidents of pregnancy any more than women should.

There are complications with this view. In particular, should the man be obligated to support the child if he knew in advance that the woman would definitely not have an abortion or give the child up for adoption? What if the woman merely expressed reservations about abortion or adoption? Or interest in keeping any conceived child? What if the man made vague promises about taking care of the woman if anything happened? What if the couple agreed previously that they would not abort the child, but then the woman decided to anyway?

There seems to be a great deal of gray area here that would be worth examining in detail.

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