Ayn Rand’s Problem?

 Posted by on 15 August 2012 at 2:00 pm  Christianity, Objectivism, Religion
Aug 152012

A few months ago, I saw this gem on Facebook:


There is so much wrong with that comment that I would not know where to begin. But, if you’d like to rant and rave about it, by all means, do so in the comments!

As it happens, I’ve discussed the incompatibility of religion with Objectivism and capitalism in two episodes of Philosophy in Action.

In the 5 December 2010 episode, I answered a question on Objectivism Versus Theism. The question was:

Can an Objectivist believe in God? Can a person be a theist and an Objectivist? Or is that too fundamental a conflict? If so, why?

My Answer:

Then, in the 27 February 2011 episode, I answered a question on Christianity Versus Capitalism. The question was:

How can a conservative Christian also be a supporter of capitalism? Isn’t the Christian philosophy diametrically opposed to the basic principles of egoism and reason necessary to fully support laissez-faire capitalism?

My Answer:

I’d love to answer a question specifically about the meaning of “mysticism,” and if you’d be interested in hearing me on that topic, please submit it to the question queue.

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