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Oct 242004

We’re official! Now Front Range Objectivism has a glorious new web site. Happily, it’s just in time for Andy Bernstein’s visit to Denver for FROST in early November. On Friday November 5th, he will be lecturing on “Global Capitalism: The Cure for World Oppression and Poverty” at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The next day, he will be giving a four and a half hour seminar on “How to Be an Impassioned Valuer” in Denver.

Generally, Objectivism is quite busy along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. Here’s the gist from the

FROST (Front Range Objectivist Supper Talks) brings Ayn Rand Institute approved speakers to Denver for delicious dinners and stimulating lectures on a variety of topics about six times per year. Past lecturers include Dr. Lewis on “The Failure of Homeland Defense,” Dr. Ridpath on “In The Dawn’s Early Light: Patrick Henry,” and Dr. Brook on “The Morality of War” and “The State of ARI.” Anyone is welcome, including people unfamiliar with Objectivism.

FROG (Front Range Objectivist Group) is a discussion group that meets monthly in members’ homes. With about 20 active members at each meeting, the group is currently at capacity. (A second discussion group will be formed if enough Objectivists from FROST and FROLIC are interested.) FROG members differ in the depth of their understanding of Objectivism, but all are deeply committed to understanding and applying the principles of Objectivism in their own lives.

FROLIC (Front Range Objectivist Laughter Ideas and Chow) is a social group which meets at least once per month at a Denver restaurant. Other fun events may be scheduled according to the wishes of participants. All friendly people with a serious interest in or honest curiosity about Ayn Rand’s philosophy are welcome.

Also, the University of Colorado at Boulder has a new Boulder Objectivist Club this year. The club meets every other week on Thursday evenings in Ketchum 301 on the Boulder campus. Contact Jared Seehafer at Jared.Seehafer(at) to join the mailing list.

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