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Oct 122004

Well now, this new essay, The Objectivist Death Cult by Justin Raimondo, is just delightful. The opening insults of Leonard Peikoff’s sanity were beyond sophomoric, but the characterization of Yaron Brook’s lecture The Morality of War as expressing “maniacal bloodthirstiness” and “complete thuggishness” was more than I could bear. (I heard the lecture live at CU Boulder almost three weeks ago. Despite my initial skepticism, I found his arguments extremely compelling. I would strongly recommend that people listen to the lecture, free to all registered users of the Ayn Rand Institute web site, and judge for themselves.)

Here’s Raimondo’s ever-so cutting analysis:

How can people who claim to hold “rationality” as their highest value sink to such depths of depravity? The problem is that these people are living in a fantasy world of pure abstractions, in which everything is viewed through the lens of a Manichean struggle between Reason and Unreason, Modernity and Primitivism, the West and the Rest. The humanity and reality of anyone deemed “irrational” is defined out of existence, so that it’s okay to torture and kill six-year-olds. Because, you see, they aren’t really people. Not like us.

Uh huh.

Honestly, I couldn’t force myself to do more than skim the rest.

Update: However, Mike M. managed to quote and annotate.

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