Aug 032012

My 20-minute lecture on “Milton Friedman and Medical Licensure” has now been posted:

I covered three main subjects:

  • Milton Friedman’s views of medical licensure
  • Licensure and competence
  • Licensing laws and ObamaCare

Towards the end, I cite Dr. Milton Wolf as one of the people promoting some good free-market reforms to move us in the right direction.

Thanks to Amanda Teresi-Muell for organizing this special Liberty On the Rocks event, as part of a commemoration of Milton Friedman’s 100th birthday! And thanks to Ari Armstrong for recording the video and for doing the video editing to intersperse the images of my slides within the footage!

(Note: I don’t agree with Friedman on several issues.  Friedman was not a fully-consistent advocate of free-market economics.  But on the topic of medical and occupational licensure, he was very good, and I wanted to highlight his excellent thinking on this particular topic.)

  • c_andrew

    Paul, I’ve not had time to listen, but on the idea of credentials vs competence, I just finished watching “The King’s Speech.” I thought it interesting that the royal establishment was more interested in the credentials the speech therapist did not have than they were in the efficacy of his treatments.

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