Intrinsicism at Work

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Sep 172004

This exchange between Eugene Volokh and one of his readers culminates in perhaps the most perfect statement of methodological intrinsicism that I’ve ever seen.

The reader originally said:

Homosexuality is debasing to all who take part in that perversion. The finer sensibilities that distinguish humans from animals, these are partly benumbed by this debasing act. All society suffers proportionately.

Eugene replied in part:

You make assertion after assertion, but you give no support for them. Why is it exactly that I suffer because two friends of mine decide to have sex in a particular way in the privacy of their own home? Why does it even debase them? Why does it erode the finer sensibilities that distinguish humans from animals? Again, you just say these things — why should I believe them?

The reader revealed himself:

The fact that you cannot determine that sexual perversions such as sodomy are debasing is in itself evidence that you are unable to determine what the truth is at this time. When you begin to search for truth with the aim to live the truth, you will find it.

God made us for a reason. (Emphasis added.)

Eugene then rightly makes good fun of this reader, but only for the last line. In fact, I think that the italicized paragraph is far more revealing.

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