Moose and Elk

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Sep 122004

Well, I’m back home again. I spent all of last week camping in the Rocky Mountains with my parents. We saw tons of wildlife, including both elk and moose up close and personal. See for yourself:

Those large beasts were only about 20 to 30 feet away when I took the pictures. The (female) moose seemed quite placid, but I was a bit more worried about the (male) elk strutting about, seemingly looking for some action.

Around our first camp site in the Rocky Mountain National Park, the elk mating season was in full swing. We could hear the squeaky bellowing of the male elk day and night from the valley below.

I wasn’t too far from Boulder, so I was able to commute into school for classes on Tuesday and Thursday. (Normally I also teach two recitation sections on Monday, but Labor Day intervened this week.) Paul was able to join us for the first part of the week, but then he had to head to Atlanta for a medical conference. I’m eagerly awaiting his arrival home tonight.

It was a fabulous time.

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