Wet Horse, Dirty Horse

 Posted by on 21 July 2012 at 9:00 am  Animals, Personal
Jul 212012

A few weeks ago, I hosed Lila off after riding her because she was rather hot and sweaty. Within about five minutes, she rolled in the dirt, but only on one side. Hence, I had half a wet horse:

And half a dirty horse:

A really, really dirty half a horse:

In other horse news, I’ve just signed up for a first lesson with an eventing trainer. Eventing is the equine equivalent of a triathlon. It consists of three phases: dressage, show jumping, and cross-country.

I’ve made so much great progress with Cyndi Stern, the western trainer that I’ve been working with this spring and summer. I’ll continue to work with Cyndi, of course. I love jumping though, and Lila and I need training over fences.

Lila will never become a world-class event horse, but she’s certainly capable of “training level,” which means jumps of 3’3″. (I’ve jumped her that height with no problem.) If I decide to foxhunt her — which I might — the eventing training will be really handy. (To be precise, here in Colorado, we hunt coyote not fox.)

The eventing trainer is Martha Deeds of Middle Ground Farm. I’ve heard good things about her, and she happens to be the sister of the (very nice) gal that we bought our house from. My lesson is on August 2nd, and I’m super-duper excited for it! Now… I’m off to go ride!

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