Aug 272004

Tonight, I didn’t much feel like running. But I decided to at least run a few miles, since I didn’t have a chance to do so yesterday. (I had reading to do before my day of classes at Boulder, then a headache once I returned home.) As it turned out, I got into a nice groove fairly early on. And so I ran… and ran… and ran… eight miles in all. That’s two miles more than I’ve ever run before — and one mile more than Paul has ever run. My wind and my muscles could have easily run longer, but my knee was complaining, so I had to quit. I’m not a very fast runner, so I’m quite pleased with my time of just under 88 minutes.

All in all, I’m feeling rather pleased with myself this evening. Of course, I’m not nearly as cool as John Enright, but at least I’m cooler than Paul. Heh.

Funny, my best running seems to be on days when I don’t much feel like running. What a nice incentive that is!

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