More Dependent Creatures

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May 202002

So just a few minutes ago, I went upstairs to find our cat Fanny following a baby bunny around one of the bedrooms. Oh thrill, another dependent creature comes into my care! Augh!

Oddly enough, Fanny wasn’t really attacking or even seriously playing with the bunny. She didn’t harm him in the process of catching him or bringing him inside. But he was terrified. So I put him in a box with a blanket and locked the cats outside while I tried to decide what to do with him. He’s old enough to have some bunny life-skills, so I decided to put him out by the woodpile, where I know other bunnies live. (Unfortunately, I don’t know where Fanny caught him.)

So I brought him out to the woodpile, left him on the blanket near a opening to the protected interior, and then went to the barn to feed the horses. When I returned to the woodpile a few minutes later, he was missing. I presume that he hopped into the interior.

Well, I do hope that he survives. But if not, such is life in the natural world.

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