An Oddly Positive Reference to Ayn Rand

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Aug 262004

I suppose that I’m so used to seeing random snarky comments about Ayn Rand via my Google News Alert that I found this positive reference in a commentary on Michael Phelps to be almost surreal:

The other American swimmers have to be in awe of how Phelps locked in on every challenge like it was a thief poised to steal one of his legendary breakfast spreads at Pete’s Grill in Waverly.

Whether or not Phelps embraces Ayn Rand’s philosophy of objectivism, he certainly is a living example of someone who pursues excellence without compromise.

That’s why he was not afraid to challenge Australia’s Ian Thorpe in the 200 freestyle at the Olympics in a much ballyhooed race in which Phelps finished with “only” a bronze medal.

Hooray for excellence without compromise!

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