Death Wish

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Jul 302004

Back in 1989, Ozzy Osbourne apparently attempted to strangle his wife Sharon. And that incident is why she’s adamantly opposed to weapons of all kinds. She’s opposed to them not because Ozzy might have used one against her if accessible, but rather because she might have used one against him to save her own life.

Really, I’m not making this up.

Here’s what she said, as quoted in the article:

He [Ozzy] was drinking and he was taking drugs and it got to the point where he got violent with me, and he nearly choked me to death and I called the police on him.

He’s a gift from God but if I’d have had a gun I would have used it.

Thank God I didn’t have a gun, that’s why I’m so against guns or knives or anything like that, because I know if I’d have had one I’d have probably tried to defend myself.

Yup folks, that’s what is means not to value your own life. Wow.

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