Good News from India

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Jul 282004

Heh. Apparently Ayn Rand is “bewilderingly popular” in India. The article concerns the declining quality of business communications in India. Here’s the relevant passage:

A well-known Indian writer had an interesting take on why the quality of the communication we produce was falling rapidly. He felt that the whole societal trend of glorifying the sciences and treating humanities as secondary has taken its toll. Certainly, a generation that has swiftly adopted and benefited from technology has but a nodding acquaintance with literature of any quality. Reading is critical for any writer, regardless of what he/she writes. We always ask prospective employees to name an author or book that’s touched their lives. Most find it hard to come up with any — of those who do, the majority say John Grisham or the bewilderingly popular Ayn Rand.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the author does not regard Ayn Rand’s fiction as “literature of any quality.” So much the worse for him!

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