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Jun 072012

Periodically, I get awesomely crazy e-mails. This latest packs a hefty punch, and I hope that you’ll savor it by reading a good 10 to 20 sentences in a row. (I’ve not changed the formatting.)

From: LeRoy Matthews : [email protected]
Date: Tue, Jun 5, 2012 at 1:31 PM
Subject: THE GREAT HOAX: Freedom, so-called “national debts”, Fake “wars”, Fake “elections”, Biblical Lies, Scientology, etc..
To: [email protected]

(Sorry about this information being jumbled – Yahoos text editor doesn’t work right.) Everybody should get a copy of this information, including Prof. Laurence Kotlikoff , candidate for the presidency, Economics Prof. Thomas R. Saving, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, the “GOP”, The “Democrats”, “Churches”, Stephen Hawking, Brian Greene, the Media, etc. Insane people, Neocheaters, demons, etc., think Backwards (180 degrees out of phase from Reality, Rationality, Sanity, etc.), in ways that are Inherently Self-contradictory, in ways that don’t make sense, etc. Property that’s bought, etc., with taxpayers money belongs to the taxpayers/the public, so it can’t be sold, etc., by politicians, the military, etc. Christ was a PACIFIST. People who honor & support warriors, their Fake “wars”, etc., aren’t Christians- they’re, basically speaking, ANTI-Christians. You ought to study the 2nd Amendment. The right to keep & bear arms is an Absolute Constitutional/Federal Right. It supercedes so-called “federal laws” “state laws”, “local laws”, etc. It doesn’t say anything about buying weapoms. Begging/paying politicians to support the 2nd Amendment doesn’t make sense, & is a waste of time, money, etc. Ideologies like Communism, Socialism, Naziism, Terrorism, etc., don’t work, never did work, never will work. WWII, the Cold war, the War on Terrorism, etc., were Unnecessary Fakes. Adolf Hitler was the Anti-Christ. The “Beast” was the Nazi System. The Pope was the Prophet of the Antichrist, the man with the number 666. The Holocaust/WWII was the Tribulation. Armageddon was the last Arab-Israeli War, back in1973,apparently. The Garden of Eden wasn’t peaceful, perfect,etc., at all. It was where the so-called “god” of the Bible tried to make Adam & Eve & their descendants his slaves, & failed. The Serpent wasn’t a snake- it was a wise person, like a guru, a shaman,etc. Christ has already returned. The fact that people are creative & have free will proves that we aren’t creations. The word Yahweh isn’t Hebrew. If an omnipotent God existed, we wouldn’t have any choice but to obey. Since we don’t have to obey there can’t be any omnipotent God . I suspect that the so-called “angel Gabriel”, “the angel Moroni”, “Allah”, etc., were the so-called “god” of the bible, lying again. People aren’t supposed to retire. “Gay Christians” don’t exist, nor does “gay marriage. There wasn’t any beginning of time/ the universe, “the Big Bang”, etc., nor will there be an ending. If the universe is expanding at an increasing velocity, I see no reason to assume there’ll be a “Big Crunch”. I see no reason to assume that there has to be a time dimension. I suspect that you won’t develop a Unified Field Theory- you ‘re “losing” too much data. As LRH pointed out in his basic 1950 book on Dianetics, absolutes have to be considered logically unobtainable. There are no such things as “the truth, the whole truth, & nothing but the truth, “absolute zero”, “chaos”, “zero mass particles”, “tears in space/time”, “infinity”, “zero”, the absolute speed of light”, “0 % probability”, 100% probability”, “particles”, etc. The idea that earth isn’t the center of the universe is correct – it’s the “I”, the observer, that’s the center. Referring to Blacks as “African-Americans” doesn’t make sense. If “nigger” (Negro) refers to black skin such words can’t be insults. Blacks on average apparently score about 16 points lower on IQ tests than whites. Blacks are apparently substantially less intelligent than whites. Blacks aren’t humans, people, a different race, etc., at all-they’re the so-called “missing link” in evolution-the ape-people. Blacks cannot be allowed to vote in white elections- especially not on a 1:1 basis. Crazy Obama isn’t our president! Knowing things like that isn’t “racism”, “hating blacks”,etc., at all. The Jews, Catholics, etc., have been insane troublemakers for millenia- they refuse to obey their “gods” Commandments not to kill, not to lie, not to steal, etc., Christs Commandments to love their neighbors, their enemies, etc. Knowing things like that isn’t “anti-semitism”, “hating Jews”, hating Christians”, being ” anti-religious”, etc., at all. People who want to live free don’t want “leaders”, “governments”, etc. War is Offensive, not Defensive. Nobody in their right mind would want to have an official debt of about $16T, let alone a debt of $211T, or more. There are no such things as “the national debt”, “the U.S. debt”, “state debts”, “municipal debts”, “countries debts, etc. Crazy politicians, etc., aren’t “governments”, let alone “countries”, etc., at all. Their debts/deficits are theirs, not ours, the taxpayers, etc. at all. Comparing politicians debts with GDPs, etc., doesn’t make sense. “Governments”, “authorities”, “laws”, “lawmakers”,etc., don’t exist. Free people, Free societies, Free countries, like this one, don’t have such things. Study Neo-Tech. It’s the so-called “governments” that are Bankrupt, have Severe $ problems, etc. Gangs of Crazy, Crooked, Thieving, Lying, Stupid, Lazy, Cowardly, Neocheaters, etc., aren’t “our governments”, “our leaders’, “our representatives”, “our politicians”, etc., at all. “Taxation”, “seizing property”, “requiring fees/fines/court costs/tolls”, etc. are just other words for Theft/Stealing. There are no such things as “tax laws”,etc. Money stolen from the taxpayers, etc., belongs to the taxpayers, etc., & cannot be considered/used as revenue. Money borrowed from investors belongs to the investors, who expect to get their money back with interest, & cannot be considered /used as revenue, investment funds, etc. “Crimes”, “illegal actions”, “felonies” “misdemeanors”, etc., don’t exist. Such concepts violate BASIC Legal & Constitutional Principles, such as Presumption of Innocence, Legal Due Process, etc. (Since people are presumed to be innocent of “crimes” , there can’t be any such things as “crimes” Christs name wasn’t Jesus, & the others in the bible didn’t have the names they’re given. None of them ever said the things they’re quoted as saying. None of them ever spoke in English. English didn’t even exist back then! The idea that Christ was ” miraculously resurrected from the dead” doesn’t make sense. The evidence- specifically- the third nail- proves that Christ couldn’t have been crucified- it must have been somebody else. The Romans apparently used 3 nails in their crucifixions- 1 through each palm or wrist & 1 through the feet or ankles. Any crucified body that wasn’t dropped- which wasn’t likely- would’ve had big holes in its feet or ankles & probably wouldn’t have been able to walk. According to the bible Christ was walking around perfectly normally a few days after the crucifixion. No “god” exists “out there” external to or separate from people. “Worshiping”, “praying to”, etc., something that doesn’t exist don’t make sense. A person, a being, is a soul/spirit, not a body. Bodies may have children, parents, symptoms, races, sexes, ages, etc., & may appear to be “mortal”. A person, a being, a soul/spirit, has no children, no parents, no symptoms, no race, no sex, no age, etc., & isn’t “mortal”, at all. It’s impossible to “die”, to “kill”, to “be killed” to “take lives”, to “save lives”, etc. The so-called “god” of the bible, who might be/ have been an extraterrestrial, was apparently very long-lived (“the eternal”), & had a major psychic power called telekinesis (tk), or psychokinesis (pk). He apparently could move things- even mountains- with his mind. It has nothing to do with having “faith”. He was doing things thousands of years ago that a real God wouldn’t have done- such as Demanding that people believe that he’s God, destroying nonbelievers, etc. (See, for example, Numbers 16.) He is apparently still incarnate now. I have a few things to say to him. I no longer need a “vicar” on earth. Dianetics is called the most advanced science of mind known to man. Scientology is called an applied religious philosophy & technology. Neither Dianetics nor Scientology is a religion. The so-called “Church of Scientology” is a Fake- a “better mousetrap” designed to attract & trap Anti-Scientologists, basically people around the 1.1 level of the Emotional Tone Scale-Covert Hostility (Communism). In his book “Science of Survival”, LRH called the 1.1 level “the most dangerous level, “the most evil, wicked, & insane level”, the level that does the most damage to society”, & “the level that is the most difficult to recognize”.

If you got down this far, you might need a drink.

  • Mike

    Truly mind-boggling. Also: You might want to redact the email addresses in the header unless you want to join him in receiving infinity spam forever thanks to botcrawlers.

    • LeRoy Matthews

      I’m not surprised that you find the truth mind-boggling. I don’t believe that ANYBODY, even a Demon like Diana, would be so Stupid, Crazy, etc., to send ME any large amount of Spam. As LRH pointed out in his 1950 book on DIANETICS, Absolutes have to be considered Logically Unobtainable. I wonder how Diana’s faring. Has IT been receiving Infinity Spam????? I Sure Haven’t, Fool.

  • c_andrew

    Wait! I haven’t BEEN drinking? Sure feels like it after reading that sour mash of a polemical stew.

    • LeRoy Matthews

      Truth isn’t sour or mash. I’ve always liked stew. Polemic means a strong argument? I can live with that, Fool.

  • Diana Hsieh

    I jut got another message from LeRoy! Heh:

    From: LeRoy Matthews : [email protected]: Wed, Jun 13, 2012 at 6:03 AMSubject: A BIG THANK YOU!!! & a suggestionTo: [email protected]

    I’m not going to ask you how anybody could decide that Vitally Important Honest Truth is Crazy, Hateful, Ranting.If you would like everybody to read your Blog, etc., you should Repost my letter on your blog, & title it NEO-TECH, NEOCHEATING, THE GREAT HOAX, LeRoy Matthews. Thank you EVER so much! If you have any rational,intelligent questions that you can’t find answers to elsewhere, please free to email me. Do feel free to put my information out on your radio show, etc. I wish you the very best!

    • LeRoy Matthews

      You left off my polite request ” No Spam, Please.” Demon.

  • Mike Hardy

    Now we know that Jesus never even spoke English.

    • LeRoy Matthews

      You should have also learned that Christ’s name wasn’t Jesus, Fool.

  • LeRoy Matthews

    stop lying.

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