Soft Scrambled Eggs

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Jun 162012

I love sous vide scrambled eggs, but they’re a bit of a bother to make. A few days ago, however, I tried these slow-cooked scrambled eggs by Gordon Ramsey:

They’re really easy to make, and the result is about as close to sous vide scrambled eggs as possible. Since dairy and I are enemies right now, I made them using ghee, and I omitted the glob of whatever-dairy-that-was at the end. I used truffle salt, which is pure awesome on scrambled eggs. Also, I made them in a regular pan (i.e. not non-stick), and that worked okay. Obviously, I recommend omitting the toast.

  • DougFromOz

    To get the full Gordon Ramsay cooking experience, you need to swear profusely while making the dish…

    • Diana Hsieh

      Heh. I’m pretty sure that I’ve got that skill down pat. :-)

  • RussK

    I remember watching this on BBC America a few years ago and I instantly gave it a try. Needless to say, I was very impressed with the taste and texture, and concluded that this is the best method for cooking scrambled eggs. However, I don’t use this method regularly due to time constraints in the morning; most of the time I revert to the American style of fast frying and hard, chunky eggs. Another reason that I don’t like to do it regularly is because using stainless steel is much more of a hassle to clean than non-stick, and I think that stainless steel is crucial here for the creamy eggs.

    About the blob he used at the end; that is creme fraiche. He uses it to stop the eggs from continuing to cook and to add more flavor. I have never found creme fraiche where I shop for grocery, but I’m sure a more upscale grocery store may carry it. I’ve considered making my own, but just haven’t gotten around to it. Sour cream or crema mexicana can be used as substitutes, and while they’re not the same as crema fraiche the average American isn’t going to know the difference–I personally do not like to use crema mexicana in this recipe, preferring sour cream. I’ve never tried it without the cream, but I don’t think it would taste or look the same as it does with the cream.

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