Most Awesome Marriage Proposal Ever

 Posted by on 5 June 2012 at 2:00 pm  Cool, Love/Sex, Marriage
Jun 052012

Dear Men of Earth,

You have a new ridiculously high standard to meet if and when you propose. See for yourself:

Of course, you might be really awesome, in which case the love of your life will surely accept your proposal however you ask!

Update: Boo! The video has been taken down due to copyright claims.

  • brian0918

    Though it is awesome, it made less so by the fact that most of the people involved, including both the future husband and wife, are all involved in musicals and choreography, so this was a cakewalk for them to throw together in one week (which is what they did).

    At least, that’s the excuse I’m sticking to.

  • Ronnie

    “Boo!”? Are you booing copyright laws, or are you booing these people for violating copyright laws?

    • Diana Hsieh

      I’m not booing copyright laws. I don’t know whether copyright law was actually violated, but if so, I’m glad that the copyright owners could take down the video.

      I’m booing the fact that an awesome video that I just blogged is no longer available.

  • James Bellinger

    You can still watch it…..

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