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On Sunday’s episode of Philosophy in Action Radio, William E. Perry and I answered questions on disclosing atheism to babysitters, outing yourself to bigots, spousal sabotage, skipping advertisements, and more. The podcast of that episode is now available for streaming or downloading.

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Whole Podcast: 27 May 2012

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Podcast Segments: 27 May 2012

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Question 1: Disclosing Atheism to Babysitters

Question: Should I mention we are atheists when interviewing babysitters? I am looking for a babysitter. The question is: How do I handle the fact that many of the candidates will be very very strong Christians? Should I bring up the fact we are atheists right away or would that be creating an issue when there could be none? I definitely have to set some boundaries like “No praying with my children,” but what is the appropriate way to handle it?

My Answer, In Brief: If you don’t want a conflict between your babysitter and your children over religion and other sensitive matters, you should talk to him or her in advance about it in a friendly, easygoing way.

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Question 2: Outing Yourself to Bigots

Question: Am I obliged to disclose that I am gay if I know that the person then wouldn’t wish to do business with me? Let’s say that I have a job that I enjoy, but I find out that my boss does not like gay people and would refuse to hire or would fire anyone that she knew was gay. Somehow, she doesn’t know that I am, in fact, gay. Should I tell her knowing that she would want to fire me – a decision that I think is wrong, but nonetheless something she should be free to do? Assume that in every other regard I enjoy my work and job, and sharing her discriminatory view is by no means a requirement for my work.

My Answer, In Brief: You’re not under any obligation to out yourself to bigots, including at work. However, closets are uncomfortable places to live, and you should do what’s needed to solve this problem as soon as possible.

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Question 3: Spousal Sabotage

Question: How can I stop my spouse from sabotaging my self-improvement? Over the course of my 15 years of marriage, I’d gained over 100 pounds. After feeling disgusted with myself for too long, I decided to change my habits. So I switched to a paleo-type diet and started lifting weights. So far, I’ve lost 40 pounds, as well as shed some health problems. My husband still eats what he pleases, and I don’t pester him about that, although he needs to eat better too. However, he’s constantly attempting to undermine my efforts – for example, by bringing home and encouraging me to eat doughnuts. I want him to celebrate and support my new-found success, but he seems to want me to be fat, unhealthy, and miserable. What should I do?

My Answer, In Brief: Your husband sounds like he has some serious psychological problems that need to be addressed, whether by you two together or perhaps with a psychologist. Ultimately, you need to act for your own good, even if that requires divorce.

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Question 4: Skipping Advertisements

Question: Is it wrong to skip over advertisements? Many people use plug-ins that block advertisements on web sites, and many more people skip advertisements on television by recording shows with a DVR. Is this moral? Is it a failure to act as a trader?

My Answer, In Brief: You’re not under any obligation to consume advertising, even if that’s the means of supporting some free offering to you.

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Rapid Fire Questions


  • What do you say to a speaker at a conference if he asks you what you thought of his presentation and you really didn’t like it?
  • Should you attend a conference if you have major philosophical problems with a speaker or several speakers?
  • Cloth diapers or throw-away diapers – does it matter?
  • Should a person rely on local health inspection signs, such as the A, B, C system that some cities use?
  • Why do you think that so many Christians of every generation believe that the Rapture will happen in their lifetimes?

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