Breckenridge Brewery Versus Colorado

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May 222012

Breckenridge Brewery will take new brewery, jobs to East Coast:

Breckenridge Brewery will look to build its new brewery on the East Coast, taking with it 50 to 75 jobs that otherwise would have been created in the Denver area, because of the Colorado Legislature’s failure to pass a bill that would have changed state law to allow it to expand, its president said Monday.

Ed Cerkovnik said without House Bill 1347 — a bill that passed a House committee unanimously but that House leaders will allow to die without a vote this week because of opposition that mounted to it from several industries — the brewery cannot hold a license to operate several brewpubs at the same time it holds a license to operate a manufacturing plant that produces more than 60,000 barrels a year in Colorado.

Gee thanks, Colorado! We wouldn’t want those jobs created in our state!

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  • Paul Marks

    It is absurd that States demand licenses and permits. It is not “progress” it is the collapse of Common Law freedom of contract (which is really part of freedom of association) and a move towards the statism of (for example) the late Roman Empire. The sort of redtape regime that has blighted Latin American for centuries.

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