Worth Repeating

 Posted by on 1 June 2004 at 7:03 am  Uncategorized
Jun 012004

This comment seemed worth repeating as a blog entry:

Please folks, let’s not return to the insane discussions of last month. If that happens, I will simply have to close down the comments entirely, particularly if people are posting on totally irrelevant entries. I have no desire for my blog to become the place for people to spout nasty accusations back and forth. Thoughtful, relevant, and civil philosophical debate and argument is welcome. If that is not possible to you, do not post.

This is not some “Can’t we just all get along?” plea. (That would be perverse.) It’s a demand: Say something worthwhile on something relevant to the blog post, or say nothing at all. If some people are unable to abide by that demand, I will remove my property as a forum for them. If that does not work, I will shut down the comments entirely.

You are in my house when you post comments on this blog. Act accordingly, or you shall be ejected.

I’m quite serious.

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