Lila Stalks Me

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May 122012

Periodically, I allow the horses to graze in the fenced area around the house and driveway. It’s good grass, and it’s difficult if not impossible to mow. Periodically, the horses peer in our doors, particularly the easy-to-access french doors of our walk-out basement, i.e. my office. I always joke that they want to check out the accommodations in our barn, to see how it compares with their own.

The other day, Lila didn’t just peek in… she stalked me for about 20 minutes. It was hilarious, and I finally snapped a few photos. The last one is my favorite, by far. I thought she’d gone back to eating, but I looked up from my computer and BAM, there she was, quietly gazing directly at me through the windows as I worked.

  • Monica Hughes

    Stinking funny!

    Happy Mother’s Day!
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