Back But Not On

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May 242004

Normally, I have nothing but praise for our local high speed network provider, Hometown Access. However, ever since Paul and I returned home on Saturday (after 8 delightful days of rafting in the Grand Canyon), they have been performing “maintenance” — leaving us without our usual net access. We have no idea when we will be back online, as their tech support cannot tell me when the maintenance will be complete. According to the last guy I spoke to, it might be a day, a week, a month, or who knows. That’s pathetic.

So don’t expect much in the way of blogging or e-mail from me for a bit.

Update: Some good folks at Hometown Access got me back online! (The tech support guy mentioned above was woefully misinformed.) Hooray! No blogging yet though, as I’m presently headed to somewhere on the western slope (of the Colorado Rockies) to hear Yaron Brook speak. (I’m carpooling with some of my local Objectivist friends. Hopefully they know where they are going, as I’m very much out of the loop!)

Blogging will likely resume tomorrow.

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