On Hiatus

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May 082004

I’ll be on hiatus from blogging for the next two weeks. As I’ll be beyond the reach of the internet for much of that time, I’ve decided to close down the comments during my absence. I’d like to let many of the debates cool down, if not die entirely.

A few weeks ago, when I was busy finishing up my semester, I was hoping to post on some of the more interesting issues raised in the comments. Yet before that could happen, the debate took a turn for the absurd. Too much was beyond the realm of the reasonable disagreement. Even if I had only responded to the more thoughtful and interesting commenters, I worried about giving a false impression of regarding the rest as reasonable or legitimate. That’s why I haven’t said much of anything in the past week, even though my semester was done. (I do appreciate those who attempted to keep the debate focused on the relevant principles, but such seemed to be a losing battle.)

So I’m going to give the comments a bit of a breather while I’m away. I will have more to say on the significant and legitimate issues raised in the comments, as well as the absurdities, once I return to blogging.

For the moment, silence is the order of the fortnight.

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