John Ridpath in Denver

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May 082004

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend, but the event promises to be an excellent time.

The Front Range Objectivist Supper Talks is pleased to announce its SECOND event:

John Ridpath
May 15, 2004

West Woods Golf Clubhouse
6655 Quaker
Arvada, CO

Adults: $45.00
Students: $35.00
Reservations required by May 13 2004.

In The Dawn’s Early Light: Patrick Henry — Beacon for America

It is common today to hear the founding fathers trashed and their accomplishments devalued. Even among those who are still acknowledged as the leaders and founders of our country and its form of government, we hear most about the first Presidents: Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Madison.

Among the other founding heroes, one man stands out. This man ­ whom Thomas Jefferson once described as “the first man on this continent” ­ was Patrick Henry. You may know him as the man who proclaimed “Give me Liberty or Give me Death.” He was acknowledged by many to be the leader in the decade leading to the revolution (1765 – 1775). Dr. Ridpath will tell the story of Patrick Henry’s life from the perspective of that early decade and his constant defense of the rights of man.

From 1765 to his last appearance, in 1799, Patrick Henry stood as a beacon of integrity and courage with passion for fighting for the rights of man, while guiding the young America to safe harbor.

His view was a free and independent America administered by Presidents rather than a wasteland ruled by tyrants. Come and be inspired by Dr. John Ridpath of the Ayn Rand Institute as he presents a tribute to Patrick Henry.

Additionally, John Ridpath has graciously agreed to allow a question and answer period at the end of his talk on any questions about Objectivism or about Ayn Rand.

John Ridpath is a recently retired associate professor of economics and intellectual history at York University in Toronto, Canada, continues to write and speak on the history of ideas and their impact on social change. He has spoken at conferences about the central thinkers in Western history, the impact of their ideas on history, including the ideas influencing the Founding Fathers and early American history. As a specialist in Ayn Rand’s system of ideas, articles by Dr. Ridpath have appeared in The Objectivist Forum and The Intellectual Activist. Widely recognized for his lecturing skills, as well as for his public speaking and debating in defense of capitalism, he is a recipient of the prestigious award given by the Ontario Council of University Faculty Associations for outstanding contribution to university teaching.

FROST is a new organization with the purpose of bringing national and internationally known speakers affiliated with the Ayn Rand Institute to the Denver metro area to speak on all manner of subjects. For further information or to make reservations please contact

FROST c/o Lin Zinser
8700 Dover Court
Arvada, CO 80005

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