Broken Units

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Apr 142004

Don Watkins has posted some rather interesting comments on the idea of “broken units,” i.e. “a unit [of a concept] that lacks a characteristic shared by the other units of the concept of which it is a member.” If you have any interest in the Objectivist epistemology, it’s well worth reading either on his blog or as a MS Word document. Based upon my quick first read, his theory seems to solve some puzzles I’ve always had in reading Peikoff’s essay on the analytic-synthetic distinction.

Don has also been blogging up a storm in response to John Ku’s Critique of the Objectivist Ethics. Ku’s essay comes in ten parts, and Don has written up lengthy critiques of each part. Start with the first one and just keep going. (Hey Don, how about compiling them all into a nice little file?)

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