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May 062002

I got back from my very cool but exhausting four days at Front Sight Defensive Handgun course on Tuesday night of last week, but then had to throw myself into my preparations for the Objectivism 101 course of TOC’s 2002 Summer Seminar. I’m having to do a lot of revision, as I have grad-student-itis, as Will Thomas accurately pointed out after reviewing the first and sixth lectures. And he didn’t even see the lecture on metaphysics and epistemology, where I really had it bad! (It’s bad to have grad-student-itis before even becoming a graduate student.) This weekend, I was busy with my mare Tara in an excellent two day Frank Bell clinic. But now I’m back working on my lectures, so I’ll be gone from the blogosphere for a few more days.

I took extensive notes on the course at Front Sight, so I’ll be organizing and posting those soon after I start blogging again.

I doubt that I have too many riders among my readers, so I won’t bother writing up the Frank Bell clinic. But I would strongly recommend it to anyone who deals with horses. His methods were simple and easy to learn, with obvious progress made in just the course of a day. My mare Tara started off completely nuts, as she had a serious case of separation anxiety from her barn buddy Jackson. By the end of the second day, I was riding her in the arena with nothing but a piece of bailing twine around her neck. I rode her home in a halter and leadrope. But that’s just what’s so amazing about these natural horsemanship methods: they get results quickly and safely.

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