The Wonders of Google

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Apr 102004

Google searches reveal the most interesting information. Did you know, for example, that I was mentioned in a November 14, 2003 Christian Science Monitor article entitled Employees let off steam online? No? Well, neither did I. (Paul and I do subscribe to the Monitor, as it is an excellent paper. Just imagine the shock of reading about myself over my cup of morning tea! But alas, I missed the article in the print edition.)

And indeed, I would have been shocked, given the three errors packed into a single sentence:

There has yet to be any significant blogging lawsuit – except for the Church of Scientology’s case against California blogger Diana Hsieh for suggesting that a link exists between Scientology and a firearms training facility.

Correction #1: I am not a California blogger, but rather a Colorado blogger. I moved from California to Colorado long before the lawsuit was ever filed.

Correction #2: The lawsuit against me was filed by Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight. Although the case concerns negative statements I made about Scientology, to the best of my knowledge, the Church of Scientology is not involved in the lawsuit.

Correction #3: My concern centered around Front Sight Founder and Director Ignatius Piazza’s personal involvement with Scientology, not any direct connection between Front Sight and Scientology.

In all likelihood, the reporter simply accepted the information as (inaccurately) summarized on MetaFilter or somesuch, without bothering to check the source. That’s disappointing, since the correct information was just a click away.

The case was summarized far more accurately in the Las Vegas Weekly back in October. Also available online is Dr. Stephen Kent’s expert witness report.

As the case is ongoing, I’ve generally adopted a policy of saying nothing about it. But two bits of good news seem worth noting. First, Front Sight’s case against me has been dismissed, such that Piazza is now the only plaintiff. Second, opposing council waited too long to schedule my deposition, so now they shall not get that opportunity before trial. Double Yeah!

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