Women as a Force of Civilization

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Apr 102004

Really, you have to wonder what kind of person this guy was before his wife died:

:”Red” Rountree insists he’s had a good life, an odd statement coming from a 92-year-old now serving a 12-year sentence for robbing a Texas bank. Mr. Rountree told the Associated Press that he stopped behaving after his wife died in 1986–hanging out with the wrong sort, taking to drink, experimenting with drugs and, eventually, robbing banks. He knocked over his first at age 86, in Mississippi, and a year later became the oldest inmate in Florida’s prison system when he was convicted of robbing another in Pensacola. But he makes no apologies. “You want to know why I rob banks?” he asked the AP. “It’s fun. I feel good, awful good. I feel good for sometimes days, for sometimes hours.”

Sheesh. And from the same page, more abuse of anti-trust laws:

At the University of Wisconsin, where protesters once blew up the Army Math Research Center, a new generation of activists has filed a complaint in state court accusing two-dozen local drinking establishments of violating antitrust laws by collectively agreeing to eliminate their Friday- and Saturday-night drink specials. The bar owners told the Chronicle of Higher Education that they were simply responding to a call from the university to help cut down on student binge drinking. A lawyer for the tavern league told the paper: “When you combine a student with imagination with a lawyer with time on his hands, this is what you get.”

I say that this is an “abuse” of anti-trust, but really, much like with heroine, there is no such thing as wise use.

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