In the Long Run, We Are All Dead

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Apr 242002

The Supreme Court has decided that fascist regulatory takings that deprive people of control over their property aren’t worthy of compensation like communist takings in which ownership itself is deprived. Augh. Thomas, Scalia, and Rehnquist dissented.

What’s the point of owning property if nothing useful can be done with it? Oh, well I guess the owners have the pleasure of throwing their hard-earned and overly-taxed money into now-excessive mortgage payments.

The majority even said:

Land-use regulations are ubiquitous and most of them impact property values in some tangential way often in completely unanticipated ways. Treating them all as per se takings would transform government regulation into a luxury few governments could afford.

Well, making regulations into “a luxury few governments could afford” is a precisely the reason governments ought to be required to compensate property owners for regulatory takings! Oh, but no, we want to shift the cost of stupid government regulations to the already-property-deprived property owner. Good idea, Mr. Leviathan!

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