Moral Character

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Mar 142004

Well, it looks like I was right about the moral character of the woman charged with murder for refusing a c-section and thereby allowing her near-term fetus to die. Earlier, I wrote that “the woman’s choice indicates significant character defects, defects which will likely strongly impact the quality of her parenting.”

As it turns out, the woman has a prior conviction for an incident in 2000 in which she “she punched her daughter several times in the face after the toddler picked up a candy bar and began eating it” in the supermarket. According to witnesses, the woman screamed, “You ate the candy bar and now I can’t buy my cigarettes.” (She got five years probation for simple assault, reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child. That child and another now live with their father’s parents.)

In good news, the surviving twin has already been adopted. Unfortunately but not surprisingly, that twin tested positive for cocaine and alcohol.

This woman is the poster child for short-range, irrational egoism. And what a revolting spectacle that is!

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