In a comment on this post, Jason Gibson pointed to this Amazon e-book: Protect Yourself from Mind Control. And dammit, it’s hysterical!

Here’s the description:

Complete instructions for the proper construction and wear of the protective tin foil hat, including materials, the best brands and types of foils, a size chart, proper construction, safety considerations, even fashion tips! A must-have for any conspiratorial theorist, and absolutely hilarious if you’re not. Originally published as a hard-copy pamphlet-sized chapbook.

And here’s my favorite review: “This is a life saver!” by Tickleberries (5 stars):

For the last 20 years I have been making my aluminum hats wrong! All those unnessisary invasions of my mental privacy! I can not tell you how this book has helped me! All this time, I had not realized how much information was leaking out of my ears. The hat must have a way of covering the holes in your head that is closest to the brain bladder where all the words and whatnot are stored. If you have had the problem of information leakage, I suggest you read this short tutorial on how to make a “tin” hat. I’m thinking you could probably decorate it with glitter and such to make it more stylish. Gosh don’t miss this opportunity!

But, there’s a catch, as another reviewer observes:

We all know people who could use a good handbook on construction of foil hat liners. On the other hand, the people who need and want the knowledge are smart enough not to use a Kindle. It’s electronic. It even admits it transmits and receives radio waves. You might as well hire a crack addict to guard the pile of money in your apartment. No self-respecting member of the tinfoil brigade would consider owning a Kindle, even if you gave him one so he could read this book.

I’m almost tempted to buy the book, I must admit!

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