Family Friendly Halftime Show

 Posted by on 1 February 2004 at 7:52 pm  Uncategorized
Feb 012004

Goodness me, I was just so impressed with the family-friendly Super Bowl halftime show tonight. First, there was Nelly’s performance of “Hot in Herre” (Refrain: “It’s getting hot in here (so hot) so take off all your clothes”). Then we had Justin Timberlake (intentionally or not) tearing off a portion of Janet Jackson’s S&M-ish leather outfit to reveal her breast, as this photo shows. (You can see the missing piece of clothing in his hand.) She didn’t look happy, as this photo indicates. (Despite the captions on this photo, her outfit did not merely “come undone.”) CBS has already apologized for the incident. Oh, and there was also a streaker right before the 3rd quarter kickoff.

It was all just a bit freaky. But at least the game was good.

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