Fuzzy Little Bunny

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Jan 302004

One of the nicknames for our cat Oliver is “Fuzzy Little Bunny.” In this picture, he really is fuzzy (albeit still not a bunny), but that’s mostly due to the uber-close shot.

Oh, he’s just so cute! If only he loved me. (He just callously uses me for food and belly rubs, both of which I am all too happy to provide, as he is a small fluffy divine creature whom I am compelled to worship.)

Update: As I was reviewing my Palm this evening, I discovered that January 26th was Oliver’s adoptaday. He’s now been with us for two years, which is like 96 in cat-living-in-coyote-country years. In all truth, however, Oliver wasn’t really adopted. He just showed up in our barn. (Someone dumped him and his brother off; his brother went to our neighbor’s, he came to us.) So his adoptaday is really just the day he was transported from barn to house.

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