Oct 072011

I’m delighted to pass on this announcement for Luc Travers and Lisa VanDamme about their upcoming “Bringing the Arts to Life” Conference! Don’t miss the free live webcast preview next Tuesday!

“Bringing the Arts to Life” Conference in Southern California, Nov. 18th-20th.

FREE live webcast previewing BATLCon on Tuesday, Oct. 11th, at 7pm PST. More info at www.BATLCon.com.

Lisa VanDamme and Luc Travers will be describing what makes a VanDamme Academy arts education uniquely valuable and demonstrate how powerful it can be for you!

About BATLCon:

For many years, passionate art educators Lisa VanDamme and Luc Travers have been teaching children and adults alike how to thoroughly understand, deeply appreciate and personally connect with great works of visual and literary art. They are now pleased to announce that they will be hosting their first ever weekend arts conference, with the goal of “Bringing the Arts to Life”—to your life.

In their classes, Miss VanDamme and Mr. Travers will introduce you to gems of poetry and painting, and will teach you a method of appreciation that will reveal how deeply moving, startlingly illuminating, and profoundly personal experiencing a classic work of art can be.

They will host a visit to the Getty Center, where you will have the opportunity to apply your new skill to some of the world’s most beautiful works of art in one of the world’s most beautiful settings for art, followed by a cocktail party full of animated discussion of your discoveries.

And as a bonus, you will have the opportunity to observe a VanDamme Academy art and literature class, witnessing art education as it might and ought to be.

We hope you will join us for this soul-satisfying weekend of learning, discussing, exploring, socializing—and of enjoying great art.

Dates: Nov. 18th-20th
Location: VanDamme Academy and the Getty Center, Southern California

Register today at www.BATLCon.com.

Space is limited!

I’m sure that the conference will be excellent, so if you can attend, don’t miss the opportunity!

Also, I can’t resist noting that BATLCon is probably the most awesomest name for an Objectivist conference ever! I just wish that sword fighting was somehow involved!

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