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For all my disagreements with Andrew Sullivan, I wish that more Republicans were like him, i.e. fiscal conservatives, social/cultural liberals and foreign policy hawks. That would be a Republican Party I could vote for. Andrew writes:

Well, I’ve never tried to please everyone with this blog but the torrent of abuse and mockery yesterday because of my criticisms of the SOTU caused me a little grief. According to many Republicans, I’m selling out to the “hard left.” According to some Democrats, I’ve finally seen the light, ha, ha, ha. How about applying principles to changing events and circumstances? It says something about what has happened to the Republican party that supporting fiscal responsibility is now the position of the “hard left.” And it says something about some Democrats that you either have to hate this president or love him unconditionally. Why can’t a grown-up have a complicated position? I’m a fiscal conservative, social/cultural liberal and foreign policy hawk. Neither party provides a comfortable home for people like me. I supported Clinton in 1992, backed Dole on moral grounds in 96 and opposed impeachment. I backed Bush (narrowly) in 2000. The war made my support for Bush stronger than I ever expected. I still admire his courage during that terrible time and respect his tenacity against terror. This time, I’m leaning toward Bush for those reasons but appalled by his fiscal recklessness, worried by his coziness with the religious far right, and concerned that he has no forward strategy in the war. I’m equally concerned about the obvious irresponsibility of the Democrats on national security (and spending) at a time of great peril. But at least they’re not going to bait gays and nominate judges like [Charles] Pickering. So I’m stuck, and trying to figure things out as I go along. Hence my attempt to look at the Democratic candidates as possible presidents and subject my support for Bush to further scrutiny. Why is that such a crime? Isn’t part of what’s wrong with our politics that this kind of weighing of options has become so taboo?

Personally, I’d vote for Joe Lieberman for President in a heartbeat. Unlike most Democrats, he’s not an appeaser of terrorists and tyrants. He’s a moderate Democrat, so his policy ideas aren’t consistently, revoltingly socialist, merely often bad. And most importantly, the Republicans in Congress would block all of the silly spending plans he might propose, whereas they’ve fallen all over themselves to pass whatever Bush proposes. Long live gridlock! Sadly, Lieberman has little chance of winning the nomination, so I’ll likely not vote for anyone for President. Bush’s fiscal irresponsibility is just too much to bear.

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