Math and Literature

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Jan 212004

The similarities between the problems of graduate education in literature and in mathematics are more substantial than you might think: too much emphasis on novelty, too little on understanding the established wisdom. I worry about such problems in philosophy, although the problems don’t seem nearly as acute as those in either math or literature. Then again, perhaps that’s because so much history of philosophy doesn’t count as “established wisdom.” (Really, I jest. Graduate education in philosophy ought to be more focused on either the foundational issues or the historical giants.)

Critical Mass has also been blogging on the problems associated with the attrition rate in graduate school. Erin’s original post is here, with stories from readers here.

As a side note, I’m really glad to see so much blogging on academic issues; it’s really quite helpful to me as a grad student. (And I’m not just interested in academic philosophy blogging, as this post indicates. I find the similarities and differences between philosophy and other disciplines quite fascinating.) So thanks to all the academic bloggers… the more you grouse, the happier I am!

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