Back in August, I posted about the exciting new programs planned by The Undercurrent. Paul and I are enthused about these efforts — particularly because TU has such a great track record. In our original announcement, Paul and I offered $1000 in matching funds to anyone who donates to them using our links.

Here’s the unexpectedly awesome news: as of last Monday, we’d raised $1075! Thank you, thank you to every donor! You rock! We’re delighted that you’ve cost us so much money already!

I never imagined that we’d raise more than $1000 so quickly, and I’m so thrilled that we’ve done so. Since we want to encourage more donations, Paul and I are pleased to raise our matching funds to $1500.

So if you’ve not yet donated, please consider doing so. Even just $25 or $50 is money well-spent to promote Ayn Rand’s ideas on college campuses.

I’m copying the original post below, so see that for all the relevant details, including how to contribute.


As you might have already heard, the fabulous Objectivist student newspaper The Undercurrent is soliciting donations for a series of ambitious new projects to promote Objectivist ideas on campus. As you can see for yourself from the letter below, these projects look fantastic. Paul and I are eager to support them, and we want your help too! So we’re offering up to $1000 in matching donations for anyone who donates for this project through the end of September. (We might match more than $1000, if more than that is raised. That would be awesome.)

Over the past few years, I’ve been nothing but impressed with the professionalism of the slew of volunteers who run The Undercurrent. They’re a real asset to the Objectivist movement, and they have the potential to do even more… with our help!

Please check out the letter below from the publisher of The Undercurrent, Jared Seehafer. Then please consider donating, but do so sooner rather than later to take advantage of our matching funds! (Again, the deadline is September 30th.) To receive “matching funds” credit for your donation, you must use this PayPal link or the buttons below.

Dear Potential Supporter,

In his lecture at this summer’s Objectivist conference, Yaron Brook, President of the Ayn Rand Institute, reflected on the first 50 years of the Objectivist movement. During that session, Dr. Brook stated that if we are to succeed in changing the culture, “we need more than an Institute: we need a movement.”

We at The Undercurrent wholeheartedly agree, and we think a key part of the Objectivist movement needs to be a student movement. For the upcoming academic year, we’re planning a number of programs designed to spark an Objectivist student movement on college campuses. To make these programs possible, we’re asking for your support.

Foremost among our 2011-2012 programs is an event called “Capitalism Awareness Week.” This week-long event will consist of a series of lectures and discussions at different college campuses across the country. Each lecture will be broadcast live via the Internet so students elsewhere may participate.

This event follows in the footsteps of last Spring’s virtual campus lecture, “Ideas Matter: Ayn Rand’s Message to Today’s World”, which was broadcast to 20 other campuses live and attained a student audience of just over 600. (If you haven’t seen it, that lecture is available to view here.)

For this and other programs, we’re seeking to raise $40,000 for the upcoming academic year. I hope you can help us as we fight to change the culture.

For more information on our plans for the year, I invite you to browse through our donor package. And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,

Jared Seehafer
Publisher, The Undercurrent
[email protected]

To make a one-time donation:

To make a recurring donation, visit our donation page and follow the instructions for “Recurring Monthly Payments”.

Again, I urge you to take a look at what The Undercurrent has done already, then consider contributing. You can make a difference!

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