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Aug 162011

In Sunday’s Rationally Selfish Webcast, I discussed two related ethical questions that I found particularly interested. I’ve posted them on YouTube.

The first question was:

If you find money in a house that you’ve purchased should you return it? A man recently found about $45,000 hidden in the house that he’d recently bought. (See this article.) It was saved up by the prior owner, now dead. He returned it to the man’s children. Should the buyer of the house have returned the money? Was he morally or legally obligated to do so? If not, was doing so foolish or altruistic?

Here’s the 9-minute video, now posted to YouTube:

The second question was:

Is it moral to “defraud” a public library? There is an out-of-print book that I can’t get for less than $100, a price I am not willing to pay. My library has a copy but they won’t offer it for sale. Is it wrong to tell the library it is “lost” and just pay the fees, assuming they are reasonable? Does it matter that the library is an illegitimate government program that I’m taxed to support?

Here’s the 8-minute video, now posted to YouTube:

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