Doggie Wrestlemania 3

 Posted by on 23 July 2011 at 8:15 am  Animals, Personal, The Beasts
Jul 232011

Last weekend, I shot this video of our wild and crazy doggies wrestling outside. Conrad is the black-and-tan German Shepherd, and Mae is the smaller black dog. The barking dog is Red Dog, who we were watching for Kelly and Santiago Valenzuela of Mother of Exiles last week.

Conrad and Mae wrestle exactly like in this video a few times per day. Although it looks completely wild and crazy, they’ve never injured themselves…. and they love it!

Mae is definitely the instigator, and Conrad often gets very frustrated by his inability to control her. (Hence, his growling and occasional barking.) Mae is just a hair slower than Conrad, but she’s also far more clever about using obstacles to slow him down. She does seem to love to be caught and rolled over — to the point that she rolls herself over twice in this video to try to get Conrad to come after her.

So, now you know that when I say, “my wild and crazy doggies,” I’m not exaggerating!

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