Vacation Alert!

 Posted by on 1 July 2011 at 1:20 pm  Announcements
Jul 012011

I’m going to be traveling — not to OCON, but to Los Angeles — next week, so blogging will be light for a spell. I probably won’t post much except the usual announcements about the Rationally Selfish Webcast. I’ll be webcasting as usual this Sunday and next Sunday.

While I’m traveling, my internet access will largely consist of turtles carrying bytes on their backs. Hence, please don’t e-mail me unless fires have broken out … and in that case, you might want to call me on my cell. I just won’t be able to reply to e-mail, and the mere thought of an ever-growing stack of e-mail to be processed fills me with horror and dread.

I do hope to clear out my inbox while I’m away, as I’ve allowed a few e-mails requiring a hefty response to gather dust. Other than that, I expect to be using the “delete” and “archive” buttons liberally.

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