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Blair of The Secular Foxhole was supposed to host this week’s Objectivist Round Up, but alas, he was plagued by a series of technical troubles. I’m the emergency host!


Welcome to The Objectivist Roundup, a weekly blog carnival featuring the best blog posts on any topic written by Objectivist bloggers.

Since we’ve been beset by troubles with this edition, I thought a quote by Ayn Rand on the “benevolent universe premise” would be appropriate:

There is a fundamental conviction which some people never acquire, some hold only in their youth, and a few hold to the end of their days–the conviction that ideas matter… That ideas matter means that knowledge matters, that truth matters, that one’s mind matters…

Its consequence is the inability to believe in the power or the triumph of evil. No matter what corruption one observes in one’s immediate background, one is unable to accept it as normal, permanent or metaphysically right. One feels: “This injustice (or terror or falsehood or frustration or pain or agony) is the exception in life, not the rule.” One feels certain that somewhere on earth–even if not anywhere in one’s surroundings or within one’s reach–a proper, human way of life is possible to human beings, and justice matters. (“The Inexplicable Personal Alchemy,” Return of the Primitive)

Now, without further ado, here is this week’s edition of The Objectivist Roundup:

Rob Abiera presents Lessons from India posted at The Oklahoma Capitalist, saying, “This NY Times story about Gurgaon, India brought to mind many points made by Ayn Rand in her writings.”

Trey Givens presents Leviticus 18:22 — Bible Inverted posted at Trey Givens, saying, “This is a brief discussion of the primitive origins of Christian hatred of homosexuality and their rather narrow view of human sexuality in general.”

Scott Connery presents The EPA is Destroying America: Electricity Rates to Jump by 10-35% posted at Rational Public Radio, saying, “During his campaign, Obama promised to bankrupt the coal industry. Now he is directing the EPA to carry through with his promise. Expect energy rates to climb by 10-35%. Thanks radical environmentalism!”

Alex Hrin presents Solar Energy: A Path to Prosperity? posted at The Undercurrent, saying, “What must it mean if the government has to mandate the use of an energy source?”

Joseph Kellard presents Color Breathes Life Into an Ordinary Painting posted at The American Individualist, saying, “While sitting around watching the Yankees-Indians game, I took the time to finally write about the colorful paining I crossed paths with at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.”

Jared Seehafer presents Ayn Rand Contra Jesus? posted at The Undercurrent Blog, saying, “People are starting to notice that a morality of rational selfishness is incompatible with a morality of altruism and mysticism!”

Andy Clarkson presents The United States Of America & The Sermon On The Mount Have Nothing Fundamental In Common posted at The Charlotte Capitalist, saying, “Conservatives regularly claim that the United States of America is based upon Christian values. But I never hear them identify those values. The best source of Christian values is Jesus’ Sermon On The Mount. If the conservatives took the time to read the SOTM and compare it to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, they would find nothing in common.”

Scott Connery presents Ayn Rand vs. Jesus posted at Rational Public Radio, saying, “I actually agree with a left wing Christian organization called American Values Network. I’m stunned. They are pointing out the fact that the GOP is trying to combine Ayn Rand’s defense of Capitalism with Jesus, and it just can’t be done.”

Rational Jenn presents Parenting Quote of the Moment posted at Rational Jenn, saying, “I’m re-reading one of my favorite parenting books called Kids are Worth It! Giving Your Child the Gift of Inner Discipline, so I share and discuss an interesting quotation from it.”

James Hughes presents Humanist Sermon on the Mount posted at Temple of the Human Spirit.

Paul Hsieh presents Dude, Where’s My Freedom? posted at We Stand FIRM, saying, “My latest PajamasMedia OpEd covered the similarities between ObamaCare, the TSA, and gun control — all just versions of “freedom control”. (And it got a nice Instapundit link as well!)”

Diana Hsieh presents Moral Mistakes: Acting on Impulse posted at NoodleFood, saying, “What are “impulsive” moral errors and wrongs — and what should we do about them?”

Benjamin Skipper presents Consistent Spiritual Fuel? posted at Musing Aloud, saying, “As bad as things are getting, I think we should all take more effort to recognize the good in life, especially the aspects of culture that give rise to hope for the future.”

Ari Armstrong presents Spending Limits Protect Against Factions posted at Free Colorado, saying, “What is the nature of a republic? This article discusses the matter in the context of Colorado’s Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights.”

Scott Connery presents Islam Says: POWs Make Great Sex Slaves posted at Rational Public Radio, saying, “Remember things like this whenever people tell you Islam is a religion of peace. Remember this when they call you racist for condemning this virulent ideology.”

Roberto Sarrionandia presents Generating Revenue posted at Roberto Sarrionandia, saying, “The Labour Party are wrong about the nature of wealth.”

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