Jun 032011

As you might already know, the Lucidicus Project offers educational “self-defense kits” to medical students to educate them about free markets and individual rights in medicine. Each kit includes the following materials:

  • “Medicine: Death of a Profession”: Lecture by Leonard Peikoff
  • “The Real Right to Medical Care vs Socialized Medicine”: Essay by George Reisman
  • “The Forgotten Man of Socialized Medicine: The Doctor”: Essays by Leonard Peikoff and Ayn Rand.
  • “Doctors and the Police State”: Essay by Leonard Peikoff
  • “How Not to Fight Against Socialized Medicine”: Essay by Ayn Rand
  • The Economics of Freedom: Selected Works of Frederic Bastiat: Book by Frederic Bastiat
  • Noble Vision: Novel by Gen LaGreca
  • Atlas Shrugged: Novel by Ayn Rand
  • Pin and Ribbon from the Black Ribbon Project

Students — medical students, pre-med students, nursing students, and anyone else studying to enter a healthcare-related profession — can request a kit here. Others can nominate a student too.

The rest of us can donate money for these fabulous kits. Each kit costs about $38 to send to a student. You can make a regular donation of any amount of your choosing — or you can donate some dollar amount per kit awarded in the next year (or less).

The first option of a straight donation is perfectly easy, and it helps fund advertising, web hosting, and the other small expenses of the Lucidicus Project. The second option of donating for each kit sent is new, and I hope that it moves some of you to donate — or to donate a bit more, knowing that you’d be contributing something to every kit sent out this next year. Either way, I want to see more of these kits in the hands of our future doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals!

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