May 232011

Tomorrow, Objectivist historian John Lewis will be speaking in Chicago on “Health Care Reform: Setting Doctors Free.” Here’s the description of the talk:

Government medicine treats doctors as cogs in a giant machine, run from Washington, as if treating patients required no independent thought or action. Twenty-eight states have filed suit against Obamacare, claiming it is unconstitutional. But it is much worse than that. It is a moral assault on free people, and an attack on human life itself.

And as the announcement says:

John Lewis has a unique perspective on this issue, both as an advocate for individual rights and as a cancer patient. Don’t miss this hard-hitting lecture on the deepest evil of government medicine.

The talk starts at 6:30 pm CT, and it will be webcast through the Ayn Rand Center’s Facebook Page.

About ten days ago, we heard John talk on this same topic in Denver to Front Range Objectivism. It was a fantastic lecture, and I’d urge you to watch — and invite your friends!

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