Yesterday morning, I blogged about my delight at being chosen as last week’s “Irreverent Messenger” by the Sam Adams Alliance for my recent work against Colorado’s campaign finance laws. Yesterday afternoon, they posted a follow-up blog post with my answers to their three questions:

1. In two sentences or less, what is the one message you want to tell Americans more than any other?

2. Why should Americans listen to this?

3. What makes you irreverent?

I won’t repost my answers here, so if you want to read my answers, go check out their blog post.

Also, I’m happy to report that I’m seeing some genuine interest in removing these onerous campaign finance regulations among my fellow free market activists here in Colorado. So after AtlosCon, I’m going to come up with a plan for doing more on this front.

More generally, I’ve got some ideas about what kind of activism that I’d like to do in the future. I’ve got some ideas on a kind of focus — not a topic, but a method of activism — that would be particularly meaningful and interesting to me. Moreover, I think it would help promote my primary work on my Rationally Selfish Webcast, rather than distract from it.

Mostly though, a hearty thank you to the Sam Adams Alliance for giving me the motivational boost of this award!

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